Jon Menaster.

Since 19mumblemumblemumble.

Government Accountability Office

Jon Menaster is a senior financial markets policy analyst and project lead at the GAO, a management consultancy inside the Federal government. Jon focuses on banking and securities agencies. Read more about Jon's professional background on LinkedIn.

Read Learn Live Podcast

Jon created, produces and hosts the Read Learn Live podcast. Read Learn Live is your book club discussion - times ten. Join host Jon Menaster as he takes a deep dive with an author and a book they've written to learn about their writing process and the how and the why of the book itself, and learns some lessons about life along the way. Jon speaks with fiction and non-fiction authors of all book genres. Learn about your world from a new perspective. Find new books to read. Or just listen and laugh.

The Secret City

Jon is co-chair of the board of directors of The Secret City. The Secret City is an Obie-Award winning performance collective. Our joyful happenings combine storytelling, music, art, meditation, singing, performance, food and community interaction. With gatherings in New York, LA and Woodstock, we're creating an ever-growing community of artists and art believers connected by the creative spirit.


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